Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Getting Involved

A Copy of this is in our church's monthly newsletter.

“We need to get them involved!” As a pastor, I have heard this statement dozens of times. What typically happens is something like this: Joe (made up name) seems to being showing less interest in the activities that take place at the church. No one wants to see Joe stop coming, so we ask him to serve on a committee or do some other service job. Joe has no interest in doing either, but he is moved by the power of persuasion (read: arm-twisting). Everyone is delighted Joe is now involved at the church. The only problem is Joe doesn’t like what he is doing nor is he really good at it. His dissatisfaction reinforces his previous thoughts that maybe he just doesn’t fit in at church. Eventually people complain about the job Joe does and his lack of commitment, which reaffirms the thoughts they may have had about Joe. Over time, Joe leaves the church.

I am not advocating non-involvement. We, as God’s people, are called on a mission. We are to serve others and build up the body of Christ for the glory of God. But, we need to move from “get them involved,” which really means “have them do something we want them to do" to discovering where God is working. What if instead of trying to get people to fit into a mold of our agenda, we actually try to find out what their gifts, talents, and passions are? Then, by God’s grace, we help them employ those gifts in serving God. This seems to honor the person as well as the Creator better. Instead of people motivated by the power of persuasion, they are now moved by the power of the Holy Spirit working through the body of Christ. By all means get involved in what God is doing here. If you are not involved you may ask yourself: What are my gifts, talents, and passions? Talk to me and others about how you can use those to serve God. God has gifted each of us for His glory. Use those gifts.

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